I've been making shortfilms and editing since I was 10 years old using an old Super8 Sony semi-professional camera, Sony's Handycams and recently fell in love with Canon's DSLRs cams.

For years I've been working on a variety of shortfilms as director, cinematographer, VFX artist, editor and still photographer

I'm also involved in my daily work on Animation and VFX productions.

Youtube Icon The Hidden Factory my youtube channel.

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  • Workshop for Emerging Filmmakers with Christian Rivers (Weta Digital) in Wellington, New Zealand. 3h. 2016
  • Animation Production Masterclass from MrCohl in Madrid. 6h. 2015
  • Lighting and Lookdev in VFX with Xuan Prada (Double Negative). 12h. 2014
  • Intensive Course on TV Production and Filmmaking in CEV. 160h. 2010

Collaborations and Projects:

  • 1995... Shortfilms in High School... happy old days.
  • 2002/2007: Edition and camera operator on several musicals and shortfilms at Tolkien Society
  • 2010: Filmmaking school final shortfilm "Cambio de Look" (Comedy)
  • 2011: Direction, camera operator, edition, CG Artist for "Suplente" (Zombie parody)
  • 2013: Runner, VFX Sup on set & CG Artist for "Almas Blancas" (Fantasy drama)
  • 2015: VFX Sup. on set & CG Artist for Next Project's shortfilm "Abatido" ( VFX Breakdown )
  • 2015: Camera operator and editor of actor Paul Freeman's interview in Ubeda, Spain.
  • 2015: Photographer and camera operator for several small projects, and concerts.
  • 2015: VFX assistance for La Parada (The Stop) (Terror, under development)
  • 2016: Cinematographer and camera operator for Flatmates: Episode 3 (Comedy)
  • 2016: Developer and Camera Artist (camera) for Terry Prattchet's Trollbridge
  • 2016: Short documentary films in Wellington (Personal projects)
  • 2016: Science fiction shortfilm under development.

Me recording

2016 - LUX Festival Wellington, New Zealand documentary

Everything. Music kindly donated by the installation's authors.

2016 - Flatmates Ep. 3

Cinematographer, lighting, sequence planning assistance.

2015 - Waterfront Market at Wellington, New Zealand documentary


2014 - Paul Freeman Interview ("Belloq" from Indiana Jones, Raiders of The Lost Ark)

Camera operator, Edition and Color Grading in Avid, Motion Graphics, Color Grading.

2015 - Madrid Japanese Language Exchange Second Aniversary Party (Fiesta II Aniversario del Intercambio Japon├ęs de Madrid)

Recorded & Edited full video.

2014 - Shortfilm "Reflections"

A personal project. Visual experiment using a piece of music from one of my current favourite composers, Bruno Sanfilippo. Canon 5D Mark II.

2009~2013 - Shortfilm "Suplente" (Substitute)

Direction, Postproduction in Nuke, Camera Operator, Editing. Very low quality camera.

2010 - Shortfilm "Quiero un Cambio" (I want to change)

Final project at Filmmaking Summer Course at C.E.V. Professional equipment.

2006 - Shortfilm "ATSTEL ( Amigo Trancos Solo Tu Encuentras Lena)"

Parody of a very famous spanish commercial for AMSTEL, "Amigo Mio Solo Tu Encuentras Lena" (Dear friend only you can find the firewood).

2000 - Shortfilm "Carta desde el Infierno" (Letter from Hell)

High School personal project. Saved from VHS and reedited in 2009. Sony Super 8 professional camera.

1999 - "Music entanglement" Shortfilm

High School personal project. Sony Super 8 professional camera.