I'm a computer engineer specialized on graphics. I'm also a 3D generalist with knowledge of the mathematical background of 3D, interested mainly on previs, animation and rendering. I use Python, MEL, C++, Qt and PySide among others.


  • B.S on Computer Engineering. Honors in Software Engineering. Graphics Programming and Robotics as optional subjects.
  • M.S on Computer Graphics, Games & Virtual Reality at University Rey Juan Carlos. (GLSL, GPU, Rigid Solid and Fluid Simulation, Physics and Maths for graphics and game engines)
  • M.S on Character Animation at CICE Madrid (250h).
  • VFX Lighting, Look Dev and HDRI Intensive Workshop with Xuan Prada from Double Negative (12hr)


  • Co-Founder of Virtual Method Studio and working as a freelancer. (2017)
  • Pipeline and Tools Developer at Zinkia for Pocoyo's 4th season. (2016)
  • Animation TD at Weta Digital for Jon Favreau's The Jungle Book, Spielberg's BFG, Deadpool, Alvin 4 among others. (2015~2016)
  • Pipeline and Tools Developer at Lightbox Entertainment for Capture the Flag. (2015)
  • Maya Tool development teacher at U-Tad, Ilion Animation Studios University.(2014)
  • Master Thesis on Vision-Realistic Rendering, Point Spread Functions, C++, GLSL postprocessing in GPU, Lenses and Cameras simulation. (2013)
  • R&D Developer at NextLimit, Qt, C++ and UI designer. (2012~2014)

Master Thesis: Visual Realistic Rendering in GPU

PSF Generator, lens systems design and Camera effect simulation on focused images.
GLSL using the brand new Bindless Textures capacities on OpenGL 4, C++ and Qt on a nVidia 780GTX.

CPU Raytracer, texture mapping, antialias sampling, multiple reflections

Procedural generation, Bezier, Camera Animation, Perlin Noise

General 3D Art, Arnold rendering, shading, Nuke compositing